Who will attend

“An engaged group of procurement professionals keen to listen and learn from each other.”
(Senior Manager - Social Procurement & Workforce Development, Transport NSW, WiPSC 2023 Attendee)

If you hold a senior or emerging role involving anything to do with the procurement or supply chain function, you need to know what is being discussed at the Women in Procurement & Supply Chain conference. Job titles will include words such as:

  • Procurement (obviously!)
  • Supply Chain (of course!)
  • Category
  • Contract
  • Risk
  • Purchasing
  • Sourcing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Strategy
  • Partner(ships) / Vendor(s) / Supplier(s) or Supply
  • C-Suite / General Manager / Founder
  • Compliance
  • Policy
  • Logistics
  • Tender(s)
  • Operations
  • Replenishment
  • Expediting
  • Buyer
  • Vendor

Just a small fraction of previous attending organisations includes:


“Authentic women collaborating on common ground.”
(Head of Procurement, Woolworths, WiPSC 2023 Attendee)

  1. Improve your organisation & achieve your career goals by harnessing the benefits of leadership and diversity
  2. Future proof your procurement and supply chain processes through AI & technology-led strategies
  3. Solve the skills shortage by finding, training & retaining the procurement professionals you need
  4. Leverage sustainability and circular economy strategies to improve environmental, social, and financial bottom lines
  5. Build strategic relationships with suppliers through expert communication and negotiation
  6. Manage the ethical, legal & reputational risks of modern slavery in procurement
  7. Effectively manage procurement project planning & risk mitigation strategies
  8. Leverage commercial acumen to enable procurement and business success