Why attend

“Authentic women collaborating on common ground.”
(Head of Procurement, Woolworths, WiPSC 2023 Attendee)

Improve diversity, equity & inclusion in your organisation to create a fairer and more effective organisation with insights from Crown Resorts, Volksgagen, Parks Victoria & DHL
Build strategic, stronger, and more beneficial relationships with suppliers with guidance from Coles and The Walt Disney Company
Solve the skills shortage with strategies to find, train and retain the people you need with guidance from IXOM
Use sustainability and circular economy strategies to improve environmental, social & financial bottom lines with lessons from Ambulance Victoria
Mitigate residual risks to protect your organisation from the unpredictable with strategies from BP
Develop and leverage commercial acumen to enable procurement and business success with tips from NAB and UA Manufacturing
Future proof your procurement processes through dynamic technology-led strategies
Strengthen your network by connecting with experienced & authentic leaders who can help you achieve the career you want and deserve achieve your potential