Conference Day Two- Wednesday, 9 March

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You can attend the Women in Procurement & Supply Chain conference in-person or virtual, though in-depth learning workshop sessions are in-person only.

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Opening remarks from the Chair

Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
CIPS Australia and New Zealand

Global procurement trends and innovations

International Keynote: Developing a proactive approach to overcoming challenges in international supply chains
  • What are the lessons for global procurement leaders from the continued fallout over Brexit, and what procurement and supply chain leaders can take from those lessons to shockproof their strategies?
  • Discussing the impact of political one-upmanship on the supply chain and the costs of unreliable international supply
  • Examining how leveraging data to improve insights and analysis will enable better decision making and planning

Sally Guyer
Global Chief Executive Officer
World Commerce and Contracting


The Power of Procurement to Deliver on Sustainability Strategy Targets and Organisational Commitments: Science, Strategy, Storytelling

Olivia Tyler, MD of Australia & New Zealand at Edge Environment explores what sustainable and ethical procurement leadership looks like - moving from transactional to strategic procurement, the importance (and benefits) of genuine supplier engagement and why companies need to get serious about supply chain transparency and due diligence.

Olivia Tyler
Managing Director ANZ
Edge Environment

Panel Discussion: Discussing the trends and analysis for procurement and supply chain for 2022 and beyond
  • What are the major lessons to take away from the ongoing pandemic, and how should organisations plan to protect themselves from future exposure?
  • What role do you think business process automation and robotic process automation will play in global supply chain management moving forward?
  • There is a renewed interest in sustainability and social responsibility. How are Australian organisations ensuring the skills needed to implement fair labour and environmental sustainability into their supply chains?


Sarah Collins
Head of Procurement – ABC Procurement
Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Jen Barclay
Head of Procurement
NARTA International

Michelle Robinson
Head of Procurement Strategy and Policy

Amanda Ji
Procurement Manager
Bromic Group

Stephen Nankervis
Senior Consultant
Edge Environment

Josh Morrow
Business Development Representative


Morning tea and networking
Embedding social and economic good in procurement

Panel Discussion: Best practice strategies on how to embed social procurement into your existing procurement frameworks and policies
  • How can we influence our organisations to prioritise social value when assessing the viability of their current procurement frameworks?
  • What are some of the potential benefits to Australian businesses of implementing a social procurement framework?
  • Which is the better way to manage social procurement, through direct approaches such as purchasing from enterprises that focus on social outcomes or indirectly using contract clauses with private sector organisations?
  • Many positive community impacts are occurring using social procurement practices; what are some critical drivers to gaining traction for social procurement beyond the good media coverage?


Bruce Everett
Chief Executive Officer – APAC
World Commerce and Contracting


Angelica Buckland
Group Procurement Manager
The Adecco Group

Madeleine Taylor
Head of Strategic Client Management – Procurement

International Keynote: Unlocking positive impact through social procurement
  • People first, then policy and process - the importance of a holistic approach to activating social procurement
  • Managing and celebrating success - establishing fit-for-purpose targets and KPIs to drive the proper outcomes
  • Supplier diversity and inclusion – supporting healthy markets, mentoring and subcontracting, and intentional partnership

Alice Bray
Senior Procurement Advisor – Sustainable Procurement
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (CIPS Australasia Young Talent 2020 Winner)

Lunch and networking
The leadership journey

Reimagining the workplace to enhance work-life balance and continue growing your career
  • Analysing the lived experience of work from home as uncovered during the COVID Pandemic and determining how to ensure a return to work doesn’t ignore the benefits unlocked over the last 18 months
  • Complimenting existing work-life balance initiatives with increased awareness of the benefit to team mental health, stress reduction, and staff burnout
  • Letting go of the myth of 'trying to do it all' and learning to prioritise the critical tasks to avoid staff burnout

Amy Rixon
Chief People Officer
Frucor Suntory

My Leadership journey: One-on-One with Zali Steggall OAM, MP, Member for Warringah

In this exclusive discussion, Independent Member for the Federal seat of Warringah, Zali Steggall OAM, MP, will discuss her journey from celebrated international athlete, to barrister, and now into the House of Representatives.


Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS Australia and New Zealand)

Special Guest:

Zali Steggall OAM
Member for Warringah

Afternoon Tea and Networking

Panel Discussion: The Emerging Leaders Panel
  • What strategies can be implemented to encourage emerging leaders to embrace change and not be afraid of being flexible and agile?
  • What Is the best way to aid your emerging leaders in developing big picture thinking to ensure improved outcomes in the critical competencies required to succeed in procurement and supply chain?
  • What are the critical skills leaders need to ensure they job-ready when the time comes?
  • Is encouraging your emerging leaders to find mentors within the procurement and supply chain industry beneficial to the long-term retention of the next generation of leaders?


Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS Australia and New Zealand)


Janet Pursehouse
Chief Procurement Officer
City of Sydney

Amy Rixon
Chief People Officer
Frucor Suntory

Fleur Edgerton
Head of Procurement and Commercial
Airservices Australia


Understanding the importance of developing and leading diverse teams that support a culture of respect
  • Diversity targets are more than increasing gender representation at an organisation level: Ensuring true diversity of opinion, experience, and background at a team level when developing an inclusive culture
  • Examining whether the current team culture supports and demonstrates a proper understanding of inclusivity and diversity and uncovering any inherent obstacles or biases that need correcting
  • How can intersectionality expand inclusive practices and strategies in the workplace?

Sarah Abbott
Global Inclusion and Diversity Leader

Closing remarks from the Chair
Conference adjourns